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VAT Advisory

As we all know that UAE has implemented VAT in its framework from 1st January 2018 as they have taken an entry into the world of taxes as before this UAE was a tax heaven country. 50% rate of excise tax is applicable for carbonated drinks and it 100% applicable for tobacco and energy drinks. But, at the same time keeping the VAT rate at just a minimal rate of 5%, which is the lowest tax rate when compared to the other parts of the world. Our Tax Experts have relevant industry specific knowledge and experience in taxation complying with international standards and laws.

Businesses need to pay close attention as they have to take a number of measures for the effective and efficient evolvement of tax payable system, they have to analyze the financial system and how their businesses are going to affect by the implementation of tax.

There are certain laws according to which the advisory services shall be provided to the clients such as

  1. The provisions of Federal Decree Law No. (8) of 2017
  2. VAT Executive Regulation (Cabinet Decision No. 52 of 2017)

We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who will fulfill all the requirements of different businesses by analyzing all the different options available within the legal framework of the law before providing final advice. Every business should prepare themselves in advance so to minimize the VAT impact as failure of which may lead to reduction of profit margins and can also attract penalties and legal actions. Our experts will support you and your business with our sensible and immense VAT advisory service that will help your business to work according to rules laid down by the legislation of tax authority.

Our VAT advisory services include:

VAT Registration:  Our experts provides advisory services to the businesses, their services are based on the thorough knowledge of the implementation and registration of VAT and their consequences as well. We will guide you from the scratch regarding the registration and the whole procedure of the VAT registration, we will advise you the best possible way to do the task according to the rules and regulations formulated by the authority.

VAT Implementation: When it comes to advice everybody seeks the experienced professional because nothing can beat the wisdom of an experienced skilled expert. Implementation of VAT will affect most of the businesses in the market, our experts will guide you by making a blue print and several tailor-made maps for the effective implementation of VAT in the business, as your business should be ready to meet the challenges that VAT will bring.

VAT Return Filing: Filing documents with the authority that too within the given time period and deadlines is necessary, all types of returns and documents should be correct and should be complied with all relevant supported documents and details. Our experts understands the importance of each and every second so they will definitely help you out in fulfilling all the formalities required according to the new VAT law. As there are various types of returns such as quarterly, monthly, NIL etc.

VAT Compliance: Federal Tax Authority has laid various rules and regulations, our professionals will help your businesses to fulfill the requirements of the authority. Timely filing of VAT return and other rules abiding acts ensures VAT compliance for the businesses.

Some other services provided by our specialists are:

  • Cost-effective, Timely, precise & support / VAT advisory services from the VAT Expert for the queries or issues confronted by the businesses. As we know the importance and value of your businesses and their resources.
  • Preparing solutions and recommendations designed to provide advice on taxation for clients.
  • On call advisory services.
  • Analysis of VAT impact on your businesses.
  • Assess if there are any process changes needed by reviewing business processes and your business’ system of accounting.
  • Queries raised through email and over the calls will be answered or advised through email and over the phones itself.
  • We also provide personal visits to clients whenever needed on their business places.
  • Customs clearance as well as designated zone related issues will also be entertained by the experts.
  • VAT Advisory Service through meetings and discussions.
  • We will perform an impact review to identify what needs to be addressed in your business.
  • We are providing full-fledged assistance and advisory on VAT filing in UAE.

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